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From the first time I held a camera, I could feel its power. It shot light out! It had secret buttons that I did not understand. I worked in the darkness within it. In short, I thought I had stumbled across something very rare and wonderful. I was 7.


My mother had tried to “get rid of me” at her birthday party by lending me her Cannonette. It had a 24 roll in it, she explained. When it gets to 24, you are done. I was unleashed, crawling under tables and standing on stuffed sofas. The party guests seemed to like my mini mojo. I shot a lot of ladies shoes that night. The amazing thing is that no one got mad at me. I was taking pictures, the ultimate hall pass.


I still feel that way today: Fully alive when shooting. My senses awaken. I try to see really clearly. There is an undeniable flow when good pictures are being made. I love seeing people in their best light.



I love this picture of me running from the flash of the camera.      Somehow, I can outrun its magic. Nope--it got me again.

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